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Author Topic: Posting really big pictures for free! Easy Peasy  (Read 2379 times)


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Posting really big pictures for free! Easy Peasy
« on: January 11, 2012, 07:01:23 PM »
Save us money, post larger pictures than you can with our 256k limit, and (let me repeat) save us money hosting all these files

Click the Sign-up Button in the upper right (its free)
Click the large green UPLOAD button in the top center
Click the even larger green SELECT PHOTOS AND VIDEOS button in the middle of the page
Browse the photo files on your computer and select the ones to upload
Click the IMAGE FILE box in the lower left amongst various choices and it will say COPIED
Go back to your post, paste that code (CTRL V works  in your post back here on the forum and then submit your post and it will show up
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