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M00609 - Pietta Model 1851 Navy Revolver (Repro)

Item Number: M00609

Item Title: Pietta Model 1851 Navy Revolver (Repro)

Price: $210

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Model: 1851 Confederate Navy (Repro)

Type: 44 Cal


Location Recovered: Non-Battlefield

Description:I got this via an estate with no background on it. Research shows it to be an 1851 model Confederate Navy 44 caliber with a 7.5" barrel. It is made by Pietta, an Italian company, still run by the founding family:

From what little I know about guns, this one seems to be very well made and in very good condition. In fact I know it hasn't been fired in the past 35 years. Everything seems to be tight and work smoothly. The bore is very clean with clear rifling. The percussion cap nipples are clean with no corrosion; only some dust picked up over time. There is about 1/2 inch wear on one flat of the octagon barrel of the bluing right where the barrel sticks out the bottom of the holster from the leather rubbing. Due to this being a reproduction made a long time ago the brass frame has a nice rich patina. There are only small scuffs, etc. from handling that you would expect from a gun that was probably made 50 years ago. There are plenty of markings on the gun but I'm not sure what any mean or which is the model number. Here is one for sale:

The holster is made by RedHead and is a model 209DB 5 1/2. It is a well made leather one that I'm pretty sure was not designed for this gun though it fits reasonably well. Seems to short for the barrel. Here is one for sale on eBay:
and here is a forum discussion with some interesting info on the RedHead holsters:

This is a black powder reproduction pistol. It is being sold for ornamental purposes only. They buyer is responsible to make sure it is safe to shoot if they plan to fire it.

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