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Our show at the Richmond Raceway was a huge success. We are now in recovery mode in advance of the upcoming Franklin, TN show. We have a lot of inventory, but posting it will be near impossible until after Franklin. If you have something on your want list, please ask. We were able to fill quite a few items off people's want lists from the 2 collections we recently picked up.

L00099 - Original hardcover McKee and Mason bullet bible

Item Number: L00099

Title: Original hardcover McKee and Mason bullet bible

Author: Reid McKee and Mac Mason

Edition: 1st edition


Shipping: Not included

Description:Original copy of McKee and Mason's Civil War Projectiles bullet book. These green cover copies are super hard to find in any condition much less in nice shape like this one. There are bullets shown in this book that aren't in the later Civil War Projectiles II book. A must have for bullet collectors who care about the collecting history of our hobby.

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