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B00911 - Nice .54 Caliber Garner

Item Number: B00911

Item Title: Nice .54 Caliber Garner

Price: $8

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Garnder

Size: .54 Caliber

Cartridge: Paper (Missing)


TT#: 131

Location Recovered: Spanish Fort Area, AL

(Sorry for the image quality. They looked in focus when I took them. I can take more images if you need.)

One of the more popular bullets likely because it is distinctly Confederate is the Gardner bullet. This bullet was cast with a skirt that allowed the paper cartridge to be crimped to the base making a secure attachment.

This is a very nice Gardner bullet but is the hard to get .54 caliber size. The .58 caliber examples are rather plentiful but not the .54 caliber ones. It has a nice white patina with some gray shadows. The skirt is slightly out of round but not to the point where it doesn't display great.

A great example at a great price

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