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We’re going to take a brief hiatus from the relic world, but we will be back soon. Apologies in advance if our replies are delayed but there’s no paid time off (or healthcare benefits) at BulletandShell. The East coast syndicate running it is a bunch of taskmasters so we have to sneak off whenever we can.

B00879 - .36 caliber Prescott -- #498 in McKee and Mason

Item Number: B00879

Item Title: .36 caliber Prescott -- #498 in McKee and Mason

Price: $20

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US


Size: .36 caliber


MM#: 498


Location Recovered:

McKee and Mason label this distinctive pistol bullet as for a Prescott revolver. Tomas and Thomas cross reference it to a similar Colt patter, but that one has a shorter base section.

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