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Our show at the Richmond Raceway was a huge success. We are now in recovery mode in advance of the upcoming Franklin, TN show. We have a lot of inventory, but posting it will be near impossible until after Franklin. If you have something on your want list, please ask. We were able to fill quite a few items off people's want lists from the 2 collections we recently picked up.

B00654 - .58 internally cup primed (Benet)

Item Number: B00654

Item Title: .58 internally cup primed (Benet)

Price: $55

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US






Location Recovered:

Internally primed cartridge that is a variant of the cup primed or Benet primed cartridge. This style is known as the "button head" due to the appearance of the raised center. This was designed to prevent cracking of the casing.

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