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U00706 - Late war pattern Hotchkiss time fuse adapter

Item Number: U00706

Item Title: Late war pattern Hotchkiss time fuse adapter

Price: $35

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Hotchkiss time fuse adapter

Shell Type:

Thread Diameter: .825

Thread Count:


Location Recovered: Spanish Fort, AL

Description:As the war progressed and effort was made to distinguish the fuse hole sizes for case shot vs. common Hotchkiss shells. The case shot required a special fuse adapter and artillerists were putting the wrong adapters in the wrong shells. The remedy was to reduce the diameter of the fuse hole in the common shells. This adapter is only .825" in diameter at the threads whereas "normal" Hotchkiss shells are 1.05" in diameter at the threads.

This fuse adapter was fired in battle and has a crack near the bottom. It still displays well and will screw into a shell if desired.

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