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U00541 - Very hard to find
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: U00541

Item Title: Very hard to find

Price: $195

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: CS copper time fuse adapter for spherical shells

Shell Type: Unknown

Thread Diameter: 0.98

Thread Count: 12tpi

Book: Artillery Fuses of the Civil War by Charles Jones : Page 39

Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:A secondary effort in fuse collecting is trying to collect all the varieties of marks of some style of fuse. For example many people try and get each year of the US Navy Water Cap fuses. But one of the most popular is to get all the marked CS time adapters. There are 5 marked to get: Q, F, I and C of which C is by far the hardest to get.

This fuse is the hard to get C-Fuse. It is in as-dug condition and still has a lot of the white thread goop that was used in battle to prevent the cannon flames from passing the fuse through the threads. Remnants of the paper fuse are still in the adapter. The mark is very clear and shows as white in the images as the prior owner put corn starch or similar in the mark depression. The only negative is a diggers kiss on the top face that starts at one of the spanner holes and goes across the face. It would not be hard to tone down the copper colored scratch with a marker or something but I've left as is for the buyer to make the decision. Since it would likely be displayed face down it would not show at all in when displayed.

A nice find that does not come along often!