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It was nice seeing folks at the Charleston Show. Next up is Dalton the first weekend in February!

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N00023 - Medium Projectile Solid Wood Display Stand (4 to 6 inch)

Item Number: N00023

Item Title: Medium Projectile Solid Wood Display Stand (4 to 6 inch)

Price: $28

Shipping: Not included

Description: These are very heavy duty display stands and are made of solid wood; no laminates. The pictured one is of oak, and we have a few this color and a few darker ones. This base is 6.5" x 10" and securely holds the heaviest of shells for display in a horizontal view. The saddle is glued and screwed with the wood grain oriented so it won't split. The stand is coated in lacquer and felt is added so no wood comes in contact with the relic.

Also note the stand is made with a beveled front so if you desire you can inscribe with relic information or an informational plaque can be affixed.

Presently, we have just a handful of these available, and we are trying to determine if it is worthwhile ordering more made as they need to be made in quantity to be worthwhile for the craftsman.

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