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We have 3 new-to-the market bullet collections to list. Will get them posted starting mid month through the end of December.

M00610 - U-Rail Train Track Section

Item Number: M00610

Item Title: U-Rail Train Track Section

Price: $50

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Model: Train Rail

Type: U-Rail


Location Recovered: Unknown

Description:This is a piece of Bridge Rail or known by most Civil War collectors as U-Rail that was used in the mid-1800's. A good bit was imported from England where it was used. I know some of this was recovered at Bridgeport, AL. I do not know where this particular piece came from as it was from an undocumented estate.

The piece is 3 inches high and just over 4 inches wide. It is a 1 inch section of rail. Condition is very good with very solid iron. It still has the rust from being recovered and some surface rust on the cut surface from air exposure but would easily come off. I can buff that off if the buyer prefers. It has not been coated. I can do that too.

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