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M00321 - Nice matching framed pair of Harpers Weekly prints

Item Number: M00321

Item Title: Nice matching framed pair of Harpers Weekly prints

Price: $199

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS

Model: Art

Type: Harpers Weekly Print


Location Recovered:

Description:Nice pair of prints from war era Harpers Weekly issues. Both are nice framed and the frames measure 27" x 21.5". One shows the battle of Wilson's Creek and the other shows the suprise of Confederate Guerillas by a squadron of US Cavalry. It doesn't look like much capturing is going on as both show scenes of graphic slaughter with the guerillas in that print generally getting it in the back from cavalry sabers (like the one we have listed elsewhere on the site for sale). This was after all a Northern publication and so there is some sectional bias in the interpretation. Having had some of these framed myself in the past, the framing alone is worth the purchase price. I will split the pair if someone insists on it, but the price for just one of the engravings is $125.

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