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M00318 - Very nice McClellan artillery saddle, 11in seat, with stirrups

Item Number: M00318

Item Title: Very nice McClellan artillery saddle, 11in seat, with stirrups

Price: $150

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US




Location Recovered:

Description:This is a World War One vintage McClellan Saddle in Excellent condition. Its a Model 1904 with brass mounted hardware, stirrups and an 11 inch seat. Several of the parts have maker and US inspector initials. There were several types of saddles the Army used....this particular saddle has two d-shaped tow rings at the front and back indicating its an artillery saddle. Horses were used extensively during the First World War to haul artillery in to place. So they wouldn't spook, the horses were moved a mile or so away, and then brought up quickly to removed the pieces from the field before the enemy could get a bead on their position.

Harry Truman had experience with these saddles in WWI. He served in the US Army as an Artillery Officer in 1918. After firing a salvo against the Germans in their first combat, the soldiers with the horses were late getting back to the field to retrieve the guns. Fearing the Germans would lock in their position with their guns, most of Truman's men panicked and fled the guns causing him to use some very colorful language. Fortunately, they were not in a very active area to get some experience and never got shelled. Truman was able to go back and collect their artillery. His unit performed admirably in future engagements.

Overall, the saddle is in very nice condition with no pieces missing and stitching intact. The leather is in perfect shape...still light brown in color and not cracked. The straps are still pliable but could probably stand a little bit of conditioner to become more supple. Brass components have aged to a nice patina. A beautiful example of an old artillery saddle.

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