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M00317 - Excellent Ames 1850 Dated M1840 Wristbreaker Cavalry Saber
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: M00317

Item Title: Excellent Ames 1850 Dated M1840 Wristbreaker Cavalry Saber

Price: $750

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Model: M1840 Cavalry Saber

Type: 1850 Ames dated

Book: Thillmann page 67

Location Recovered:

Description:Extremely desirable M1840 "Wristbreaker" Cavalry Saber in nice condition. This one has stampings all over the place -- both sides of the blade, the scabbard, drag, the hilt and pommel. Clear 1850 date -- only 2,530 were delivered that year. The only thing I can find to quibble about is the scabbard -- it is German and the top part that fits over the scabbard throat is missing. A replacement can easily be obtained, but these are often missing and does not detract from the look. The scabbard fits nicely and is stamped on the drag with a couple inspector marks.

There are inspector markings at the pommel and a "5" bench mark on the grip. The leather and wire wrap are original and in excellent condition.

Of course, this saber is famous because Nathan Bedford Forrest used one, but so did a who's who of cavalrymen on both sides. Accordingly, nice model 1840 Ames sabers are hard to find, especially in nice shape like this one, and I have not had a nice one like this to sell before. Others I have seen are $1,000+, but our consignor is discounting this one for the scabbard issues discussed above.