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Just listed 4 fresh to the market sabers, including some hardly ever seen for sale. Getting ready for the big show at Franklin, Tennessee on December 2-3 with 4 tables of mostly new to the market items!

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M00312 - The Darkest of All Decembers print by Rick Reeves

Item Number: M00312

Item Title: The Darkest of All Decembers print by Rick Reeves

Price: $175

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US




Location Recovered:

Description:Classic print of General Hood at Redoubt #4 at the Battle of Nashville. Signed and numbered 745/750. This is one of the more famous of Civil War prints.

Print is slightly askew in the matting but that is best tweaked after shipping. This one will go for big bucks if it doesn't sell here and makes it to the Franklin Show. Apologies that the photography has glare -- there is no UFO flying in the sky -- that is a reflection of a ceiling light.

UPDATE: Some kid broke the glass at Mansfield so I reduced it $75. I may replace it with plexiglass that is more kid proof.

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