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L00053 - C.S. Armory Richmond

Item Number: L00053

Title: C.S. Armory Richmond

Author: Paul J. Davies

Edition: 1st

Price: $425

Shipping: Not included

Description:This is an expensive book, but if you are going to drop $5,500 on a Richmond musket, it'll pay for itself considering there are more fakes out there than real ones nowadays. I am pricing it for about half of what it goes for on Amazon. And this one is in mint condition.

This is a limited DELUXE edition of this book, one of 300 of such edition. Everything and anything you need to know about Confederate arms manufactured at the Richmond Armory. Heavily illustrated. Absolute must have reference book for these arms.

Hardbound with embossed cover, 8 ½â x 11â, 375 glossy pages. Published in 2000, now out of print and much sought after reference book.

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