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We just picked up a 15 shell group as well as about as many super rare and desirable bullets and cartridges.

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B00212 - Nice 0.72 caliber musketball from Shiloh area

Item Number: B00212

Item Title: Nice 0.72 caliber musketball from Shiloh area

Price: $12

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Musket ball





Location Recovered: Shiloh area

Description:Very nice musket ball that mics out at 0.695" with a nice white patina. Dug by Brant Arnold in the Shiloh area on private property with permission.

These were used with a cloth patch in obsolete Brown Bess and early 1842 model Tower rifles, usually early on in the war before they got replaced. A tough bullet to get.

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