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We just picked up a 15 shell group as well as about as many super rare and desirable bullets and cartridges.

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B00205 - Rare reloadable mule ear cartridge for Sharps

Item Number: B00205

Item Title: Rare reloadable mule ear cartridge for Sharps

Price: $295

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US/CS


Size: .389


MM#: 178

TT#: 126

Location Recovered: Fredericksburg

Description:Reloadable "mule ear" cartridge for Christian Sharps' lever action pistols made circa 1857-58. Typical Colt-style bullet slug seated in a cartridge case featuring the "ear" soldered to the bottom. A small hole in the casing bottom allowed the percussion cap flame to ignite the cartridge. Dug on Mississippi Hill just West of Fredericksburg, VA by Wendell Lang. Exceptionally rare and if it doesn't sell I may keep this one myself.

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