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Just posted some nice items out of the South Carolina museum group I brought back yesterday. This may well be our last postings before the Wheaton Show next weekend (4/29) and Mansfield the week after (5/6-7). We hope to see you at one or both of the shows. We will have anice cselection of canister rounds at Mansfield. These are very difficult to ship safely so not currently listed here.

We continue to have occasional issues with emails sent using the buy me button on individual listings. If you do not receive a response back quickly, please email or call us directly via the information provided under the contacts tab. Thank you.

B00183 - Nice condition Gardiner explosive bullet

Item Number: B00183

Item Title: Nice condition Gardiner explosive bullet

Price: $145

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Gardiner explosive

Size: 58 caliber


MM#: 532


Location Recovered: Probably Chancellorsville

Description:I got this nice bullet from Pete George at the Richmond Show last year. Pete did not know where it was dug, but the odds strongly favor Chancellorsville where most of these were lost by the Union Army. Many were captured and next show up at Gettysburg as Confederate carried bullets!

Has the typical salt and pepper colored patina associated with these bullets because they have a high pewter content as opposed to plain old lead.

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