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A01610 - Very Nice 10-lber Percussion Parrott

Item Number: A01610

Item Title: Very Nice 10-lber Percussion Parrott

Price: $275

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Parrott

Size: 2.9 Inch Caliber (10 Pounder)

Sabot: Parrott Type-III

Fuse: Parrott Percussion

Dickey and George (1993 Edition) Page 226
Melton and Pawl (Paperback Editon) Page 63 A-93

Location Recovered: Spanish Fort Area, AL

Description:This is a very nice Parrott shell still containing the percussion fuse and brass type III sabot. The fuse is the later one-piece type as you would expect from Spanish Fort since it was fought at the end of the war. While there is some corrosion, both spanner holes are visible and it is in much better shape than typically seen. The sabot appears unfired to me and has a nice dark patina. The iron is clean and with a nice natural dark finish. There is only enough ground action to let us know it was dug.

Shell is disarmed, cleaned and coated.

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