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We have 3 new-to-the market bullet collections to list. Will get them posted starting mid month through the end of December.

A01607 - 3in Schenkl shell with removable fuse

Item Number: A01607

Item Title: 3in Schenkl shell with removable fuse

Price: $375

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Schenkl common shell

Size: 3in


Fuse: Schenkl percussion fuse


Location Recovered:

Description:Schenkl shell with a Schenkl percussion fuse that screws in and out. This shell is in completely original condition and has not been electrolysized or coated at all. I did apply some lubricant to the fuse threads so the fuse would more easily screw in and out. The anvil cap of the Schenkl percussion fuse itself comes out, but the slider inside is frozen in place. The fuse alone would be $100 so this is a good price. Collectors really like Schenkls because of their distinctive look.

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