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A00861 - 6.4in Mullane shell

Item Number: A00861

Item Title: 6.4in Mullane shell

Price: $1395

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Shell

Size: 6.4in

Sabot: Mullane or Tennessee sabot

Fuse: Missing

Book: Jack Bell Page 420

Location Recovered: Virginia

Description: Updated: This projectile has been re-run through electrolysis and is better looking now. I will get new pictures as time permits

Confederate 6.4in shell with the Mullane, aka Tennessee, sabot design. The sabot system employed a copper disc held in place by studs and secured with a center bolt. This sabot pattern, referred to as Type II, employed three studs cast into the sabot and fitted into holes cast into the shell body, secured by a bolt in the center. Performance of this sabot was unsatisfactory, typically the studs or the bolt would break on firing releasing or distorting the copper disc sabot. This shell has two bourrelet rings -- as a labor saving device, only the rings had to be accurately machined, the rest could be left rough. The casting is crude and the width and depth of the rings also vary by the depth of the milling. Shell is threaded for a fuze, probably Confederate percussion fuze.

Projectile measures: diameter 6.33in., length 9.75 in shell body only, length 11in. (overall with sabot), weight 57lbs. Sabot is fired showing weak lands and grooves, and is intact. Threaded fuze is missing. Metal is solid and shell is disarmed.

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