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It was nice seeing folks at the Charleston Show. Next up is Dalton the first weekend in February!

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A00839 - 5pdr Ketchum grenade
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A00839

Item Title: 5pdr Ketchum grenade

Price: $495

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Ketchum

Size: 5pdr


Fuse: Collar present but plunger missing


Location Recovered: Port Hudson, LA

Description:Port Hudson and Vicksburg soldiers wrote of chucking these back and forth at each other across the trenches -- and even catching them in blankets-- in an early form of Russian roulette I suppose. This came out of a long time SC collection and was cracked. I pulled it apart by hand the rest of the way to see inside, but it fits back together nicely. Reproduction tail and plunger assemblies are available inexpensively if you want them to add to it for display. This is a 5pdr size, the hardest of the Ketchum grenade sizes to get.