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A00822 - Nice, complete 6.4in Harding shell from near Charleston

Item Number: A00822

Item Title: Nice, complete 6.4in Harding shell from near Charleston

Price: $825

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: US

Type: Harding shell

Size: 6.4in

Sabot: Brass band

Fuse: Wood time fuse adapter (missing)

Book: Jack Bell Page 230

Location Recovered: Long Island, SC near Folly Island

Description:6.4in Confederate Harding shell recovered by Greg Craven from around Long Island, SC which is the only place these were found but now there are condos there. This was run for well over a year, closer to 2, to preserve it and make sure the salts are out of the metal so it stays solid as it is now. The fellow who did the electrolysis is in my opinion the best guy at this work period. Sabot is intact and displays nice rifling. This is my last one with a complete sabot.

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