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It was nice seeing folks at the Charleston Show. Next up is Dalton the first weekend in February!

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A00817 - Nice rare 7in Harding shell
Sorry, this item is no longer available!

Item Number: A00817

Item Title: Nice rare 7in Harding shell

Price: $550

Shipping: Not included

Provenance: CS

Type: Harding shell

Size: 7in

Sabot: Copper ring (missing)

Fuse: Wood fuse adapter for the Girardey percussion fuse


Location Recovered: Long Island, SC

Description:Rare 7in Confederate Harding shell recovered near Long Island, SC -- the only place these are found (Charleston defenses). This one still has the very desirable wood fuse adapter with the raised lip intact. The raised area was made to hold the (now missing) Girardey percussion fuse. This is the type shown on page 231 of Jack Bell's book on heavy artillery of the Civil War and has a rarity rating of 9. I estimate there are less than a couple dozen of these around today. They are much rarer than the 6.4in size Hardings as rifled 42pdrs (from which the 7" Hardings were fired) were not used much.

Run through extensive electrolysis, cleaned and coated. Nice solid iron on this one.